staff 2023-05-25

German court convicts, fines Jesuit priest over climate protest

BERLIN -- A German court on Tuesday convicted a Jesuit priest of coercion in connection with a climate protest last year and ordered him to pay a small fine. The district court in Munich handed down its verdict in the case of the Rev. Joerg Alt after he participated in a road blockade in the Bavarian capital on Oct. 28. Also appearing in the proceedings were Cornelia Huth, a biologist and member of the group Scientist Rebellion, and Luca Thomas, a student. The court convicted all three of coercion and imposed fines in line with their income. In Alt's case, that was a 10-euro ($10.85) fine; the court said the other two defendants' fines added up to a “low to mid-three-digit” sum. Numerous similar protests have taken place across Germany and other countries recently as climate activists try to draw attention to the urgency of tackling global warming. The public and political response to such road blockades has been mixed. So far, most courts have acquitted the protesters or handed down fines, though in at least one recent case a judge sentenced three activists to prison terms ranging from three to five months. Activists accuse the government of failing to do enough to put Germany on course to meet its goal of cutting emissions to “net zero” by 2045. Alt told reporters

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TECHNOLOGY staff 2023-05-25

Exclusive: Bill Gates on the future of nuclear energy, AI

TerraPower, founded by billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in 2008, is opening a new nuclear power plant in Kemmerer, Wyoming. The plant will be the first of its kind, with the co

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TRAVEL staff 2023-05-25

Greenland Ice Sheet melting faster than previously thought, scientists say

One of the coldest regions on the planet appears to be losing its ability to retain the frigid climate necessary to regulate temperatures in the rest of the world. Scien

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INTERNATIONAL staff 2023-05-25

Recent heat wave in the Mediterranean caused by climate change: Study

LONDON -- Human-caused climate change led to the record-breaking heat wave that hit Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Algeria last month, according to a new study. In fact, r

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BUSINESS staff 2023-05-25

Debt ceiling breach could cut millions of jobs. Here's who would lose employment first

As the U.S. hurtles closer to a default on its debt as early as next month, the economic consequences could prove devastating, especially for millions who stand to lose their jobs.

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SPORTS staff 2023-05-03

U.S. Olympic medal-winning runners Tori Bowie, Calvin Davis die

Former 100-meter world champion and three-time Olympic medalist Tori Bowie has died at the age of 32, her management company said Wednesday. World Athletics, the sport&a

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ENTERTAINMENT staff 2023-05-03

Missy, Willie and George Michael among Rock Hall inductees

NEW YORK -- Missy Elliott, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Chaka Khan, “Soul Train” creator Don Cornelius and the late George Michael have all been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of F

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